European Winners!
Document SOS have won European Risk Service Provider of the Year! The ceremony organised by Strategic Risk Magazine at Grosvenor House Hotel, London was held on the 4th of May with a room full Risk Managers from all over Europe.
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Damaged Paperwork

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Damaged paperwork can be treated if you are pro-active with conservation and restoration. Damaged paperwork, be it hard copy business documentation, art work or antiquarian books can be devastating to you or your company. There are many ways in which paper becomes damaged paperwork, fire, flood, insects and relative humidity to name only a few, who can foresee acts of God or an infestation of rampant insects marauding through your valuables like Genghis Khan through Asia?

We at Document SOS believe that conservation is better than restoration, prevention rather than cure. Should disaster happen Document SOS can restore your damaged paperwork on site for immediate business continuity, we will hold a meeting to establish the quickest restration date and will keep you informed of progress during the process.

Document SOS is your perfect partner in for the conservation and restoration of paper damage.

Contrary to popular opinion the electronic age has not taken over completely, legally certain types of information have to be stored on paper, for long retention periods. Georgine Thorburn, Document SOS's managing director says "records that have to be kept in perpetuity are much safer on paper as no one yet knows the life span of electronic format or if the machinery to read it will still exist in the future"

Last years awards were celebrated for its careful, credible, observation of the industry's best players. This year's awards are set to be one of the biggest affairs on the business continuity calendar.

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