European Winners!
Document SOS have won European Risk Service Provider of the Year! The ceremony organised by Strategic Risk Magazine at Grosvenor House Hotel, London was held on the 4th of May with a room full Risk Managers from all over Europe.
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Vacuum Packing Archives

Here at Document SoS we have a freeze/vacuum drying chamber, which is reputedly the largest in Europe especially made for vacuum packing archives, the project was commissioned in 2000 and was fitted with state-of-the-art Eurotherm monitors. This allows the client to have accurate details of the drying process which is of particular interest to antiquarian collections. The vacuum packing archives are closely monitored and will ensure all archives are kept safely.

The Document S.O.S vacuum packing archives Operations Headquarters are near Dartford in Kent. There they have over 300,000 cubic feet of chilled and frozen storage perfect for vacuum packing. John Kirby and Georgine joined technical and precision expertise to build and develop the Dryfast Chamber in 1995. This has the largest capacity for document drying in the world and has revolutionised the process of drying waterlogged paper. Cutting edge treatments for sewage and mould damaged paper are part of the continuous product development by John Kirby, Document S.O.S's technical manager who is also a microbiologist.

Salvage experts traditionally came from an industrial cleaning or fire brigade background and had no in-depth knowledge of paper; its structure, composition and subsequent reaction to fire and water. Such knowledge is vital for swift and effective restoration following disaster.

85-90% of fire damaged paper is restorable up to 100% of water damaged paper can be restored. Paper is a much more stable medium on which to store information in the long term. Contrary to popular belief it does not burn easily in a fire and it can withstand considerable water damage.

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