Immediate response to London College of Fashion
Document SOS Ltd provided a rapid response when the London College of Fashion reported that some of its special collection had been damaged in a flood. Karen Ellis-Rees, Learning Resources Manager at LCF was impressed by the speed of the response and professionalism of the Document SOS team. Trained conservators arrived on site and within a day had brought 25 crates of material back to be freeze vacuum dried, and further material for select air drying.
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22nd August 2003

As the UK has enjoyed or endured, depending on your point of view, one of the hottest, driest summer for many years it is hard to believe that over 5 million people in the UK live in areas with a high flood risk. If this autumn brings heavy rains many companies and homes will be flooded and report substantial losses with subsequent large insurance claims.

Flood damage poses a major threat to UK businesses and The Environment Agency warns that floods can, and inevitably will, cause severe damage and potential loss to many companies’ critical records.

Document SOS is Europe’s leading specialist in paper-based document recovery and restoration and works with organisations which have sustained flood damage, to ensure business continuity and minimise insurance claims by rapid, cost effective document retrieval and restoration.

Georgine Thorburn, Founder and Managing Director of Document SOS comments:

“Flooding is a very serious and largely unappreciated issue for UK businesses. The majority of companies now have sophisticated IT backup systems but very few include hard copy in their business continuity plans and yet loss of paperwork has serious financial and legal consequences.”

“Loss of documents can bankrupt a company and all contracts and financial information have to be stored in hard copy format. 70% of the London companies we visit for Business Continuity Planning store critical paper-based documents below water level.”

While adequate insurance cover helps replace damaged buildings and contents it is much harder to recover reputations and damaged business relationships through business interruption. Document SOS operates a sophisticated fast track logging and retrieval system ensuring full business continuity during a salvage operation.

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