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European Winners!
Document SOS have won European Risk Service Provider of the Year! The ceremony organised by Strategic Risk Magazine at Grosvenor House Hotel, London was held on the 4th of May with a room full Risk Managers from all over Europe.
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Connect and Protect | Document SOS

Offers swift, secure temperature-controlled storage to reduce deterioration while claims are agreed!

When can Collect & Protect ™ save the day?

Connect and Protect | Document SOS
Where there are issues with the insurance policy then Collect and Protect is designed to buy time for negotiation whilst arresting any further damage to the contents.
In some instances high net worth collections have a disaster plan but nobody to collect the contents for safe, secure and controlled storage prior to alerting their insurers. Collect and Protect solves this problem.
By nipping the damage in the bud and halting further deterioration Collect and Protect greatly minimises the damage and subsequent restoration costs. The quicker the damage is halted the better the results of the restoration.

Tailored to the needs of the insurance industry, a brand new much needed service to cut insurance claims by mitigating post-disaster damage to HNW, valuable household contents and business information. Immediate 24/7 and cost-effective response at a flat fee.

The Collect & Protect ™ service includes:
  • One trained conservator
  • Two removalists
  • One long wheel based van
  • Four weeks free temperature controlled storage to halt deterioration
  • Electronic bar coded inventory
Which items does Collect & Protect ™ cover?
  • Antique furniture - tables, chairs, chests, lampstands, mirrors
  • Books - antiquarian, modern, research, vellum, cloth, bound
  • Textiles - carpets, curtains, hangings, embroidery
  • Paintings - oil on canvas, oil/ gouache/ on board
Collect and Protect offer | Document SOS
Buy now | Collect and Protect Service

If you want to ensure your company has priority on all services in a major disaster, please register your company name for free.

This service can be purchased in advance for £600 to add on to a policy, thereby ensuring any claims are mitigated.

Contact Collect & Protect contact
  • Case Study: How collect and protect would have saved the day...

    A policyholder was on holiday when she suffered a severe flood. Untrained subcontractors came in to remove furniture and contents but did not make an inventory. Stuff went missing. Nobody knew what was where. Valuable items had been missed family documents, pictures and books. They were not held in environmentally controlled storage so the damage escalated rapidly. When restoration experts viewed the damage it was four times more expensive to restore than it would have been if the deterioration had not been so great. Result:- greatly increased claim costs, dissatisfied policy holder, irreparable items.

    If insured had instructed Collect And Protect then all perishable goods would have been ;-

    - Photographed in situ - Damage report - Logged onto excel for tracking purposes - Professional art and furniture removals - Stored in secure, frost storage to halt further deterioration - Restoration estimates sought for all manner of materials metal, wood, textiles, paper, paintings etc - Centralised co-ordination of restoration projects - Stored awaiting return in one delivery to suit policyholder.

    In a large house fire in Oxfordshire the elderly policy holder of a HNW collection was distraught because her precious contents had been picked up at random by different specialists going to different parts of the country.

    With Collect And Protect we would have;-

    removed everything to our central base and held in frost storage before delivery could be arranged to the appropriate / approved conservators or restorers around the country. This would have given a one point of contact for all enquiries for both the policy holder and loss adjuster.

    After 29 years in conservation Document SOS has a
    - Fully comprehensive HNW and historical restoration and conservation database - Million cubic feet of secure environmentally controlled storage nationwide.


    Industry pioneers Document SOS have launched another industry "first" in a cheeky Valentines Day campaign.Sent as a valentines day card to the insurance loss adjusters and claims managers this is a produce they are sure to love.

    This service is designed to buy claims managers time to negotiate and agree claims whilst any degradable items such as books, paintings, wood furniture and textiles are held in a state of limbo in temperature-controlled secure storage. By providing a 24/7 swift recovery at a fixed, cost effective fee this will greatly reduce restoration claims by arresting any damage to all contents. This offers loss adjusters and claims managers an affordable option post disaster without time delays in seeking removal estimates and which can reduce final restoration costs by up to 80%.

    The other benefits are that once the damaged goods are stable and the damage halted then Document SOS are able to provide restoration estimates for a broad range of materials such as ;- insert list here This will also be another time-saver for claims managers.

    With all the contents going to one location then it provides a centralised communications hub for the clients should they wish to visit their belongings or speak to someone about them. Even if some of the restoration is distributed to other locations Document SOS are still able to provide the client face interaction. A recent client said “ “

    When the restoration is complete part of our service will be to liaise with the policy holder to arrange either deliver times or secure storage until they are ready for their return.

    All in all this provides a real benefit for the claims handler as much of the relieves the claims manager or adjuster from a lot of the minutae of the claim which is time consuming but not fee earning.

    The collect and protect service is available either ad hoc or can be purchased in advance for £600 for England and £1000 for Scotland Ireland and wales. The advantages of advace purchase is in times of surge capacity or nationwide flooding as in 2007 and for piece of mind for historic collections who have disaster plans to remove highly valuable collections outside a fire torn building but have no solution as to where to put them after that.

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