European Winners!
Document SOS have won European Risk Service Provider of the Year! The ceremony organised by Strategic Risk Magazine at Grosvenor House Hotel, London was held on the 4th of May with a room full Risk Managers from all over Europe.
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Paper Document Restoration

Document SOS are experts in paper document restoration and conservation. Many forms of paper based mediums can/will benefit from our paper document restoration service. This is effective for a multitude of discrepancies including; tears, stains and de-acidification.

Paper document restoration will be undertaken by Document SOS for the treatment of damage by fire, flood, mould, dust and even explosion. We do offer a Disaster Recovery Manual to aid you restoration process whilst awaiting our professional team to begin to apply out time honoured successful techniques. Your staff will be able to react quickly and efficiently to disaster, enforcing simple practical applications ensuring that the paper document restoration process will achieve the best results.

Your documents are very important to your business, your art is priceless for reasons of sentiment or just plain aesthetics, having Document SOS as part of your team cannot stop acts of God but can ensure that if the worst should happen maximum salvation is available. This is why the paper document restoration firm you choose should be the best so think wisely and use us, we are the best

Despite the information technology revolution, paper is still the preferred medium, for documents required for statutory purposes under Data Protection Act 1998, the Finance Act 1994 and the Civil Evidence Act 1995.

In 1998, UK losses due to fire were £1.6m per day and fire damage claims cost insurers A#600m. Whilst some of the damage is caused by water when the fire is put out the majority of damage is from soot and acrid odour.