Immediate response to London College of Fashion
Document SOS Ltd provided a rapid response when the London College of Fashion reported that some of its special collection had been damaged in a flood. Karen Ellis-Rees, Learning Resources Manager at LCF was impressed by the speed of the response and professionalism of the Document SOS team. Trained conservators arrived on site and within a day had brought 25 crates of material back to be freeze vacuum dried, and further material for select air drying.
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Paper Recovery and Restoration
Mobile Restoration Service

Key files such as time-sensitive files, work-in-progress or highly confidential information can be restored on-site immediately. The Document SOS Mobile Restoration team can set up a treatment station within, or alongside the damaged offices so that paperwork can be restored on an 'as needs' basis. This service is available worldwide.

This service is particularly suited to:
  • Companies who have had a disaster and are unsure of which files they need to maintain Business Continuity
  • Highly sensitive documents - such as law firms, pharmaceutical companies, financial companies or defence establishments
  • Off-shore companies
  • Worldwide locations

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Fire Damage

95% Fire Damaged Original Documents Restored


Tightly packed paperwork and books do not burn easily in a fire, due to a lack of oxygen between the pages. Subsequently damage is generally from acidic smoke and acrid odour.

It is imperative that smoke is removed promptly, to minimise the acidic corrosion and permanent staining of the paper. Paperwork retains the strong smoke odour from the fire permanently unless professionally deodorised.

If necessary charred documents can be restored, preserving the written information by consolidating with synthetic resins.

Case study on Fire Restoration

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Water Damage

100% of Flood Damaged Original Documents Restored


  • Select Air Drying (S.A.D) - Document SOS pioneered this process, due to a demand for a faster and more economical means of drying large volumes of water damaged business documents. It can be precision-controlled to dry delicate, valuable and historical material including large scale items and art.

    Our unique 30,000 cubic foot Dri-Fast Chamber is an un-paralleled resource for water damaged paperwork, drying 850 files a day. This innovation means that restoration is more cost effective and quicker than photocopying or re-printing water damaged papers. Generally it is cheaper to restore rather than to replace, it is proven that we can restore at around 20% of the replacement cost.
  • Freeze Vacuum Drying (F.V.D) - Books must first be deep frozen to the core before F.V.D is carried out which can take up to one week. The frozen items are placed into a sealed Water Damage 9 chamber under an intense vacuum so that the water is then extracted as a vapour. This can take anywhere between 2 - 6 weeks. This is an excellent method for dense structural objects which is why it is highly recommended for antiquarian, irreplaceable books or wooden objects. However this technique is too harsh and damaging for items such as photographs and works of art, it is also not suitable for business documents as it not as fast as S.A.D, nor can the files be accessed 24/7 if required for business purposes throughout the procedure.

Document SOS has one of the largest Freeze
Vacuum Driers in Europe

Immediate Action
All wet documentation and organic material must be stored in cold storage immediately (0 to -1°C) to prevent rapid mould growth. Once stabilised water-logged paperwork can be held indefinitely until decisions are made as to what to restore or the insurance approval is given.
See Mould removal

All water-logged books must be re-aligned and then deep frozen at -18*C to retain their shape.

Documents damaged by floods may need to be decontaminated as flood waters often carry deadly pathogens please see Decontamination/Sewage

Frost and Frozen Storage - Document SOS has a network of frost and frozen storage facilities around the United Kingdom which can be accessed 24/7.

Case study on Flood Restoration
Case study on Flood Planning and Recovery

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92% of Explosion Damaged Documents Restored

In a bomb or explosion is debris such as glass and building fabrics is projected and imbedded into files, books and cabinets. With their paper restoration techniques Document SOS can remove glass peppering and shards and restore shredded paper.

Even in apparent TOTAL LOSS situations restoration of documents is always possible. Good examples of this are:

Piper Alpha : Work permits and log books needed for the legal Inquiry into the enormous explosion on the oil platform were restored and legible even after the 3 months they had spent at the bottom of the North Sea.

9/11 : One major bank retrieved critical documents, valued at 3 Billion USD which were saturated with water and contaminated by aircraft fuel, oil & rat poison. These were successfully restored.

Canary Wharf Bomb: a major utility company found that their water sprinklers were activated by the bomb vibrations, subsequently flooding the offices. However their documents were successfully restored.

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Mould Removal

100% Removal of Active Mould

There are several thousand species of mould, some of which are highly toxic and can have severe health and safety repercussions, as well as causing lasting damage to your documents. The earlier this mould is dealt with, the less damage there will be.

Mould damage must be isolated for health and safety precautions and to prevent cross contamination.

Water damaged documents are at risk from mould growth within as little 24 hours. To prevent this they must be removed immediately and placed in frozen storage.

Water damaged books must be placed in frozen storage to halt ongoing deterioration to their bindings.

Case study on Mould Restoration

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Decontamination / Sewage

100% Guaranteed Bacterial Removal

Document SOS supplies a laboratory certificate to guarantee the decontamination of sewage and mould

Flash flooding often contains sewage back-up with deadly coli-forms, virus and bacteria.

Documents must be decontaminated before drying or else contaminates will lie dormant within the paper until reactivated.

Sewage contaminated documents must be immediately isolated to prevent cross contamination.

For 100% success, paper will need to be immersed in Document SOS Aqueous Decontamination Solution which neutralises the bacteria's, moulds and viruses before being dried. If decontamination is not carried out before drying then the bacteria/viruses will remain in the paper to be released at some stage in the future.

Gamma radiation irrevocably damages paper when used to decontaminate documents; this is because the levels needed to efficiently decontaminate sewage pathogens (level 15) will destroy the paper documents too. Any levels less than that DO NOT GUARANTEE THE ELIMINATION OF WATER BORNE DISEASES
Document SOS refuses to use this form of decontamination.

Case study on Sewage Restoration

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