Document SOS Limited
Immediate response to London College of Fashion
Document SOS Ltd provided a rapid response when the London College of Fashion reported that some of its special collection had been damaged in a flood. Karen Ellis-Rees, Learning Resources Manager at LCF was impressed by the speed of the response and professionalism of the Document SOS team. Trained conservators arrived on site and within a day had brought 25 crates of material back to be freeze vacuum dried, and further material for select air drying.
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Disaster Recovery and Restoration
What happens when you have a disaster?
  • When you call our 24/7 disaster hotline you will get a person not a voice recording. They will alert one of our Operations Managers who can be onsite within as little as one hour and will give you immediate advice and assistance to mitigate damage.
  • The Operations Manager arrives on site with full Personal Protective Clothing (PPE).
  • A Damage Assessment Report is carried out detailing measures to halt and stabilise the damaged caused.
  • In co-ordination with management, the Document SOS Operations Manager will agree a Disaster Recovery Schedule to restore and reinstate essential business data immediately for business resumption. In the case of works of art and books see Historical and Valuable Collections
  • The Operations Manager mobilises full back-up support to cover all eventualities:
    • Business data recovery - electronic and paper-based (see Paper Recovery and Restoration),
    • Building structure - furniture, contents, equipment
    • Removals - Undamaged contents, staff relocation, valuable art collections
  • The Disaster Recovery Operation can be multi-centered if necessary, for example electronic data engineers work alongside building recovery and paper restoration teams in multiple departments to get the organisation up and running.
  • We have a complete database of approved specialist suppliers to take care of all your recovery needs.
  • We concentrate on your recovery
    so that you can can concentrate on your business
On-site File Restoration

Where business meetings, deadlines and tenders depend on vital information a team can be set up on site to restore information immediately. Document SOS can set up an on-site restoration team in porta-cabins and can log, pack and restore.

Online Updates

As part of our Customer Care Policy, you can log-on to our website at any time to monitor the progress. We can also email or fax progress reports to you if preferred.

For more information please give us a call on 0207 233 6006 or email us